The first and primary process of finding your life partner is to date them and get them attracted to you. Most of them think they have done excellent but did not get a call after the first date. They don’t know what went wrong and the practical issue is they don’t know the things to be avoided to get succeeded in the first date. We always taught that the first impression is the best impression. So you must avoid the things that are more negative about your side. This article helps you understand what are the things you don’t actually avoid during the first date? On the second date, if there is any inconvenience it can be redressed. The following things help you get through the first to second date.

Being punctual to the date is very much important than anything you have prepared to impress the opposite sex. If you are late to this occasion informs that you are ignoring them or dominating by saying you are tight scheduled informally. Being late to the dating implies that you don’t value the time of your partner. And more importantly they will be humiliated by the servers at the restaurant who keep on asking what your order mam is? So don’t be late on such romantic occasions.

Sometimes the date may be on a busy schedule or busy in doing some other important work. So don’t text them continuously when they don’t reply. They will reply when they find time and talk about interestingly. It will be bothering and cannot talk romantic if you keep texting. This implies that you want them to be connected with you during the work time also. Not a good habit for a healthy relationship.

If you are having or possessing enough asset, do not focus on that too much. That will put on the wrong side. If the opponent is money oriented, they will use you and wash away.  Same way if you feel the opponent is only expecting sexual relationship only, please turn off the relationship immediately. These two are common black holes in the dating life.

Do not lie about the delay or some simple matters. If you do so, over the time they will think that you will cite some sort of lies to ignore them. Try for a perfect relation from the first date. Not a girl to hang out for sometimes. You may miss the prefect girl because of your ignorance. Give chance to every girl you date.

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And it is also important that do not make any quick movement towards the commitment or marriage. That will scare away the date and they will possibly think that you are desperately looking for a girl to marry immediately. So move the relationship a bit slower and meaningful.

You better doing your regular work towards the better career or regular life. Don’t wait for the call day and night and overreacting to about the girl and dating end up that you are actually deviated from your goal. So the opponent think that you don’t have enough passion about your financial status.

On your date, don’t drink a lot. That will confuse the opponent whether you are an alcoholic addict or you drink lot in all the occasions. And the important point is don’t talk about your previous dates when you are drunk. That actually convey a message that many girls rejected you. This case is very worst for girls because boys don’t like girls who got ditched by so many boys.

Do not talk to other girls in front of your date. It is the huge insult to the date you actually brought to the restaurant. And don’t inquire about the date’s friend. That is not a good idea and not a healthy date.

When it comes to sex, try to understand the interest of the date before you actually get into. Some girls may be want to try hard and wait for few more dates before having sex. You make sure about the details to be shared about you, before you go to the date night. Don’t share all the details of you except your personal interest.