Sex has always been fascinating to people. God created sex for the existence of human species. But today, it is changed completely for what it was earlier created. Sex is a prominent process which involves the fusion of male and female gametes. The process starts with the part of both male and female organs. This is the same process followed by all the living beings for reproduction. The male reproductive organ namely the penis produces a fluid called the semen. This fluid carries the male reproductive unit called sperm or the spermatozoa. The semen contains all the nutrients that is needed for the survival of the sperm till it reaches the ovary in the female tract. When the sexual activity begins, the male penis erects and the vagina lubricates naturally to allow the entry of the penis. Once the penis is inserted into the vagina along with some musical thrust motions, the semen is ejected into the female reproductive tract.

This semen protects the sperm which is produced in enormous quantities from 400 to 500 million and which reduces to couple of hundreds by the time it reaches the female ovary. When the ovary reaches the fallopian tubes, only one mature sperm manages to fuse with the ovary thus forming the zygote. This zygote grows to form the offspring. The development of this zygote differs for each animal. For example: in humans, the complete development time is about 10 months for the zygote.

Sex externally

With all the detailing of sex explained, people do not know how it works inside the human body until they get conceived. All they think of is how to get pleasure out of sex. Pleasure is what they get from using toys. Some people like anal sex, though it is painful compared to vaginal sex, but they find it fascinating. Men try impressing their lady love with inflating and ejaculating dongs, penetration cock rings etc. Same way, women try to impress their men with pasties for nipples, vibrators, lubricants, diverse types of condoms, triggers, pills and drinks etc. All these are ways in which couples can seduce each other and have sex in an interesting way than to just have sex normally. It also increases the bond that they have towards each other.

Sex toys

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